PTC Mathcad Express

version 3.1 | windows

Name: PTC Mathcad Express
Version: 3.1
Size: 1.13 GB
Category: Mathematics
License: Free
Released: 2016-06-02
Developer: Ptc
Downloads: 43
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PTC Mathcad Express is free-for-life engineering math software. You get unlimited use of the most popular capabilities in PTC Mathcad - the most powerful technical calculation software available. Easily solve, document, share and reuse vital calculations.

If you download and choose the trial option, your first 30 days will include full PTC Mathcad capabilities, such as:

- Solving advanced engineering problems with over 400 functions in probability, statistics, and data analysis.
- Programming allows you to group a set of calculation operations and return only the results you specify. When you assign a program to a function, you can call the program, use it, and plot its output.
- Evaluate expressions and functions without the need to assign numerical values to variables. Keywords and modifiers control form and content of the displayed result, and integrate numeric and symbolic computation.
- Integrate Microsoft Excel functionality directly into worksheets. You can leverage tabular data presentation in your worksheet by using Excel's calculation and formatting tolls inside PTC Mathcad.
- Visualize 3D data sets and functional models with polar, contour and surface plots.
- Structure you engineering design workflow and establish best practices by leveraging worksheet templates.

When the 30 day trial period has ended, you automatically continue using PTC Mathcad Express for an unlimited time.