About Us


We (the dertz group) are a small group of college students who aim to make easy websites where you dont have to go through in circles to get files. Our primary passion is to make the web understandable, easy to operate and download stuff from. We see that most download website bundle their own download manager along with the file you download. Many a times these bundled download managers trick you into installing adware into you system.

We dont believe in such malpractices and all our files are directly downloadable without anything in between. We aim at making our servers blazing fast with less than 1 second page load times on websites owned by us. In this generation of lightning fast internet access, the only thing that slows your browsing experience is a slow server. Our servers support opening multiple simultaneous connections - thus you can use a download manager and increase your download speed considerably. Also most of the software in our library is free to share under the GPL license, so please pass it on to friends and family without any worries. We dont have much funding but our websites are able to pay for themselves using adverts.

If you would like to submit a software to be included in our archives, or would like to contact us, please use the contact us form.