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Name: Poopee Animals for kids
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Download the app of Poopee Animals for kids for your android smartphone. This Poopee Animals for kids app free download is a Education app and has a size of 1.66 MB. It is a Poopee Animals for kids apk file and you can install it on your android phone via free download from this page. It supports all latest android devices including android tablets and android phones like lollipop and marshmallow.
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Ver 1.22, for Android OS 1.6 and up Touch the animals walking around and make a Poopee. Poopee Animals! for kids Touch the animals walking around and make a Poopee. Enjoy playing with cute and funny Poopee Animals for kids. Add a new animal. Adding animals is "Bu" that uses a virtual currency. What is "Bu"? It is the name of the virtual currency can be used in "Poopee Animals! for kids". You can get a 1Bu by making animals to fart once. By using "Bu", you can uncage a variety of animals and change the background. *Attention* Even if you reinstall the application after you uninstall, the animals will be caged again and the "Bu" you have spent can not to be returned. * How to use Bu (how to add animals) - In the animal selection screen, tap on the animal(s) you want to release from the cage - You can unlock the cage if you have sufficient Bu. - If you do not have sufficient Bu, accumulate Bu first then tap on the animal(s) of your choice. - Up to four animals released from the cage walk around freely on screen. - Tap on the face of the animal(s) to turn gray, if do not want to show them on screen. - Likewise, tap on the background of your choice to invert from gray. * Please note that points will not be reimbursed even if you are unable to unlock despite the use of Bu, due to the force-quit of the application, disconnection of the network and other reasons which take place during the unlocking process. * Accumulating Bu - Install applications and accumulate Bu - When you choose Accumulate Bu, you will be transferred to the pages operated by an ad service agency. - You will be granted Bu when you operate all procedures to meet the Bu-granting terms and conditions on your terminal. - Please note that, in case you change terminals, you cannot carry the data to the new one. - Company will cash Bu you obtained. - With application installment, activate the application and you will be granted Bu. * Please note that you are not eligible if you have already installed the application How to play: *Touch the animals to make Poopee. *When you tap the ground, grass and puddles appears, and animals eat and drink and grow up. *What will happen when you touch the animal after ate the secret mushroom...? *Touch the back key to pause the game, and touch again to resume. *Shake to start over. *To quit the game, touch the menu button and select "Quit". For more information, follow @Atech_apps on Twitter! Keywords: Drawing, Painting, Kids, Child, Education, Study, Animals, Poopee, Mashroom, Mother, Mom, Mommy