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Name: Toddler World Lite
Size: 3.33 MB
Category: Education
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Download the app of Toddler World Lite for your android smartphone. This Toddler World Lite app free download is a Education app and has a size of 3.33 MB. It is a Toddler World Lite apk file and you can install it on your android phone via free download from this page. It supports all latest android devices including android tablets and android phones like lollipop and marshmallow.
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Ver 5.0, for Android OS 1.6 and up *Updates in this version* Respecting user feedback, App no longer shows buy for every screen. Also Increased the user trial to 4/5 screens. Toddler World will keep your little ones engaged in fun yet educational activities for hours. This application provides following entertaining activities. - Flashcards with high quality images for Transportation Modes, Alphabets, Colors & Shapes - Images are accompanied with real sound and voice - Kids also get a paint canvas to trace alphabets & shapes in their favorite color. This builds child's motor skills and familiarizes with alphabets & shapes. - Take the challenge and play the cards memory game based on all flash cards. This is a great visual memory building exercise. -Build skills to recognize colors with a fun quiz with cute fishes and balloons and verbal instructions -Control media volume within the app - Supports installation in SD card - NO ads (We would love to hear what other features you wish so write comments to [email protected] This "lite" version is limited to 4/5 screens per activity. Full version provides unrestricted access to full activities) tags: toddler occupier, toddlers games, toddler flashcards, flash cards, puzzle, puzzles, kids game, kid games, draw and learn, fun games, play, alphabet, vehicles, shape, color, shapes, colour, colours, baby, match picture, child android apps, preschool, pre school, pre-school, children's, children, application, child, play, learn, education, teach, learning apps, educational apps, educational games for kids,colors quiz, pre k games, games for preschoolers, kindergarten games