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Download the app of MegaPlayer for your android smartphone. This MegaPlayer app free download is a Flagged app and has a size of 774 KB. It is a MegaPlayer apk file and you can install it on your android phone via free download from this page. It supports all latest android devices including android tablets and android phones like lollipop and marshmallow.
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Ver 1.3.3, for Android OS 2.1 and up MegaPlayer is the right app for the management and viewing of streaming and video files. It lets, through few plugins to be installed separately, to stream, download, stop, resume, and view all the files you want, from the most popular platforms: Videobb, Novamov, Videoweed, Movshare, VideoZer and many others. *** Warning ***: we are investigating about few bug on some devices. If some crash, error or strange behaviour happens, leave enabled the Crash report: we are working to fix all of them. Search for "MegaPlayer" in the Market or open the application to find out the plugins available: for each one you'll have a trial version! Without any plugins installed, MegaPlayer is able to handle only direct links to files Mp4, Flv, Avi, 3GP and many others. Try the sample video on the search page! To display the movies you can use your favorite media player to be selected from those installed on the device. We strongly recommend that you install from the Market a few players that support various video formats (eg Flv, Avi, etc.). Recommend trying MX Video Player, MoboPlayer and Rock Player Lite. Turn your phone into a powerful tool for viewing all your favorite videos. Features: * Stream and download all videos. * Start, pause and resume all downloads. * Possibility to download the video with application on background. * Playing through your own video player, for optimal management of every mobile phone / tablet. * Custom browser extension (we recommend using the default UserAgent), managing bookmarks, history, suggests, passwords and more. * Managing the number of download attempts: if the application loses connection, MegaPlayer automatically resume video the number of times chosed. * Management of the suspend and turn off of the Wifi, respectively at the start and the end of the queue; possibility to exclude the mobile network and choose the time-out for slow connections. * Customizable sins: in addition to default red theme and the standard white / black, you can use the background of your device. * NOT require Flash Player, but if present allows the download from more websites! To activate go on Settings -> Browser. * Much more ... Notes: * The application currently allows the download one file at a time. * If you can't able to play the video, we recommend installing the appropriate player from Market. * The files are saved in your sdcard, in the folder MegaPlayer. * For Android 2.2+: when you install / upgrade a pack, Android automatically closes the application MegaPlayer. * For Android 2.1: You should completely restart the application each time you install or uninstall a Plugin Pack. * If you want to use Flash Player, the device may have slowdowns. Some versions also have a display bug that overlaps the flash content on buttons and windows. Please note that the downloading and viewing of videos protected by copyright is prohibited and is regulated by the laws of the country where you are. ZeroLab also assumes no responsibility for the misuse of MegaPlayer and its Plugins. Read the license carefully before using. Keyword: megaplayer, download, downloader, video download, video downloader, videobb, novamov, videoweed, movshare, videozer, rapidshare, royalvids, veoh, zshare, putlocker, skyload, sockshare, xvidstage, divxhosted, flashvids, vidxden, yamivideo, 4shared (only video), dimshare, (only video, no livetv), xvidstream.