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Name: Bob Vs Bear
Size: 19.7 MB
Category: Arcade
License: Free
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Download the game of Bob Vs Bear for your android smartphone. This Bob Vs Bear game free download is a Arcade game and has a size of 19.7 MB. It is a Bob Vs Bear apk file and you can install it on your android phone via free download from this page. It supports all latest android devices including android tablets and android phones like lollipop and marshmallow.
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Game Bob vs Bear you are to play as a beginner tourists Bob, who one calm day decided to go out of town and have rest of city streets and noise. And as soon as Bob put up a tent and finished off the first can of beer, a wild bear jumped out of bushes ready to devour him. Without thinking much out hero darts off and rushes away quite swiftly despite his constitution, dodging various objects and escaping the other equally dangerous foresters.