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Name: SWAT and Zombies
Size: 9.31 MB
Category: Arcade
License: Free
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Download the game of SWAT and Zombies for your android smartphone. This SWAT and Zombies game free download is a Arcade game and has a size of 9.31 MB. It is a SWAT and Zombies apk file and you can install it on your android phone via free download from this page. It supports all latest android devices including android tablets and android phones like lollipop and marshmallow.
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A magnificent tactical strategy, where fighters of the elite police division SWAT should resist to the blood-thirsty zombies, trying to seize the city! Despite comic drawn design the game is difficult and very fascinating! The mass of the various units, each with its ability and cost, a large number of available improvements, large-scale fights where you need to concentrate maximum attention to resist under the pressure of huge crowds of live dead persons!