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Name: Lara Croft go
Size: 18.46 MB
Category: Strategy
License: Free
Downloads: 991
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Download the game of Lara Croft go for your android smartphone. This Lara Croft go game free download is a Strategy game and has a size of 18.46 MB. It is a Lara Croft go apk file and you can install it on your android phone via free download from this page. It supports all latest android devices including android tablets and android phones like lollipop and marshmallow.
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Turn-based strategy game with stylish panoramic levels developed by Square Enix. Players have a map with missions. The main task is to figure our the right sequence to of move to to the task. You'll have different enemies that you can sneak by or attack. You also need to explore ruins of an ancient city, solve many puzzles, and find hidden treasures. Features: Deadly trials Many puzzles Enchanting soundtrack Amazing graphics