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Name: Disco Lightâ„¢ LED Flashlight
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Category: Entertainment
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Download the app of Disco Lightâ„¢ LED Flashlight for your android smartphone. This Disco Lightâ„¢ LED Flashlight app free download is a Entertainment app and has a size of 1.02 MB. It is a Disco Lightâ„¢ LED Flashlight apk file and you can install it on your android phone via free download from this page. It supports all latest android devices including android tablets and android phones like lollipop and marshmallow.
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android 2.1 and up "With Disco Light you can party everywhere and at any time! Disco Light is the ultimate party application! The app has 6 modes; Disco Light, Flashlight, Strobe Light, Morse, Shake-it and Police lights. * Disco Light mode will turn your flash LED on and off with the surrounding sound. Your phone will become a graphical equalizer. * Strobe Light mode works like a stroboscope, the speed can be set in the settings menu. * Flash light mode (bright flash / torch). * Morse mode will flash your custom set text in Morse code (default text is PARTY, but it can be changed in the settings menu). * Shake-it mode will turn the camera flash on and off when you are shaking the phone or dancing with it. * Police lights mode simulates a cop light * Widget support (Flashlight / torch ligth) If you want Disco Light to run in the background press the ""home""-button. The application can also be moved to the SD-card (APP2SD). If you find any problems with the application, please E-mail us. The app is developed for Android version 2.2 or later, but it should work on most phones with Android 2.1. ===Permissions=== * TAKE PICTURES AND VIDEOS (CAMERA permission) - To be able to start the camera flash LED (brightest) on newer devices, Disco Ligth has to use a small part of the camera hardware. This permissions is also needed for the ""camera see through""-mode. No pictures or videos are recorded! * CONTROL FLASH LIGHT - Old method to enable the camera flash LED (older Android OS versions). * WAKE_LOCK - Needed to prevent screen from sleeping. * RECORD_AUDIO - Used only in Disco Light mode to do spectrum analysis (FFT) of surrounding sound. * INTERNET - Used to download ads. * ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Checks that internet is available (for ADs)."