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Name: Talking Dragon
Size: 11.62 MB
Category: Entertainment
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Download the app of Talking Dragon for your android smartphone. This Talking Dragon app free download is a Entertainment app and has a size of 11.62 MB. It is a Talking Dragon apk file and you can install it on your android phone via free download from this page. It supports all latest android devices including android tablets and android phones like lollipop and marshmallow.
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ANDROID: 1.6 and up "**Talking Dragon repeats everything you say with a funny voice. **Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Dragon. He is especially fun for children of all ages. **Play with Dragon: - Talk to Dragon and he will repeat everything you say with a funny voice. - Ha, Magic eventually succeeded - really sweet. - look at my dancing. - have a sleep. - My appearance is really powerful - Poke his head, Arm or feet. **Keywords: Talking Dragon, Dragon, apple, song, kids, dance, joy, smile, sleep, laugh, kid, baby, funny, run, magic Calf chick dog dragon monkey mouse piggy pony rabbit sheep snake tiger cat bird cool game voice listen change listen animal app ball pad phone funny cow great play puppy fun kids amazing record talking sound ringtone girl youtube email share friend media pet toy talk This is a free app, download and enjoy it"