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Name: RushCard
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Download the app of RushCard for your android smartphone. This RushCard app free download is a Finance app and has a size of 1.25 MB. It is a RushCard apk file and you can install it on your android phone via free download from this page. It supports all latest android devices including android tablets and android phones like lollipop and marshmallow.
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Ver 1.3.1, for Android OS 1.6 and up Check your balance, view transactions and transfer money with the RushCard app. It’s free, secure and makes it simple to manage your money from anywhere! MANAGE YOUR RUSHCARD ?Check your balance ?View your transaction and transfer history TRANSFER MONEY ?Send money to anyone else with a RushCard ?Transfer money between your own personal cards ?Bump phones with another RushCard app user to exchange contact information ?Search for transfer contacts from your phone's contact list ?Browse your complete list of transfer contacts SAFE AND SECURE ?Log in securely with the same Username and Password you use on or with a unique passcode that you set up If you don’t have a Prepaid Visa? RushCard already, you can apply for one today at