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Download the app of Olymbuzz: Olympics 2012 London for your android smartphone. This Olymbuzz: Olympics 2012 London app free download is a Sports app and has a size of 6.65 MB. It is a Olymbuzz: Olympics 2012 London apk file and you can install it on your android phone via free download from this page. It supports all latest android devices including android tablets and android phones like lollipop and marshmallow.
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Android 2.2 and up Follow all the sporting action at London 2012 Olympics, with the Olymbuzz app. Olymbuzz will allow you to join in to all the action as they unfold at the Olympics, with latest news, schedules, results and medals tally organized in an easily accessible format. Though not a London 2012 official app, Olymbuzz goes beyond a regular 2012 Olympics App and offers exciting information, alerts and trivia on your favorite athletes, sports and venues. A free app for all, to capture and share the buzz around Olympics 2012 live, as it happens - get ahead with all the trivia you need and don’t get caught out What all you get (for free!), when you download Olymbuzz? - A home page which highlights all the schedule, results and news during the day. - A Country specific page - Whether you’re supporting USA, India, Canada, China, Mexico, Korea, Australia, GB, Japan, Netherlands Singapore, South Africa or any other country, Olymbuzz is the only London Olympics 2012 app which lets you view schedules and results just for your country - An up-to-date stream of detailed results along with schedule for every event at the Olympics - Filter the schedules and results based on the sport you want to follow, whether it is Track and Field events, Soccer, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Judo, Tennis, Swimming, Equestrian, Cycling, Archery or Boxing! - Want to know when’s Usain Bolt on the track next? Want to know what’s happening in Wembley Arena now? Olymbuzz allows you to access information instantly - Don’t miss out when your team just won the gold medal - access live medals table. - Is China still ahead? Get all the London 2012 trending news as they happen! - What makes Micheal Phelps so special? Olymbuzz has a page for every athlete participating in the games. - Would love to catch all the action around olympics basketball or olympic boxing? Get a page for every sport at the games! - Did you know Tom Dailey was given special dispensation at the age of 12 to participate at the Australian Olympic Youth festival? Get more astonishing trivia about the Games, its background and associated sports! - Did you know that Manchester Untied's home, Old Trafford is one of the venues for the Olympic football (soccer)? Olymbuzz has a page for every venue. Have fun Olymbuzz-ing! The only companion you would need for London 2012!