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Name: skyscreensavermac
Version: 1.0
Size: 23.8 MB
Category: Screensavers
License: Free
Released: 2011-01-20
Developer: The Creative Department
Downloads: 74
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"Sky (Mac) free screensaver containing high quality NASA/ESA space images. This screensaver was designed by the Creative Department, an award winning advertising and interactive agency serving Indianapolis, Ohio. Regardless of your position on time-space continuum, our rebel band of highly creative Imaginauts is ready to take your brand supernova. With a telescopic focus on your users, we create experiences that are engaging, strategic, and out of this world. The Sky Screensaver is fully functional freeware for an unlimited time with no cost, monetary or otherwise. Users cannot study, modify, or redistribute this freeware. Use of this software is free for personal, non-commercial use. Images included in this screensaver are generally not copyrighted. NASA-ESA is acknowledged as the source of the material and no claim to copyright is being asserted by The Creative Department. Images may be freely used as in the public domain in accordance with NASA and ESA's contracts. The Creative Department provides no warranties nor support for use of this software. Clicking Install signifies that you agree that this software is provided AS-IS and no representations or guarantees are made as to its features, functionality, or content. You agree to use this software at your own risk and assume all liability for its use. http://www.creativedepartment . com / indianapolis - advertising "