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Name: Alc-O-Meter
Version: Beta 0.1
Size: 46.51 KB
Category: Math/Scientific
License: Free
Released: 2016-04-01
Developer: Liquid Idea
Downloads: 198
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This program calculates your alcohol level in your blood. After drinking alcohol your body will change. The Alc-O-Meter displays the diverse effects on your body. Required values are your body weight and your gender to calculate the exact per mile. Further features are:

• Muliple different drinks with different percentage of alcohol
• Exact values and no estimated approximations

At the beginning of the program you can type it in and you can select the drinks you drunk. By choosing the drinks the program differs between different kinds of alcoholic drinks. The percentage of the drinks are denoted on the left side. Click on "Calculate" and the exact value appears in the label under the button. Besides, the program displays the different effects on your body on the left side and sometimes a big icon.