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Name: Sonos
Version: 5.1
Size: 12.22 MB
Category: Audio Tools
License: Free
Released: 2014-09-29
Developer: Sonos Inc
Downloads: 423
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Sonos (formerly Sonos Desktop Controller) allows you to control software for the Sonos Music System.

When it comes to playing music, we believe all rooms should be created equal. That's why you can put ZonePlayers in absolutely any room where you want music - either connected directly to speakers or to your home theater and stereo system. With Sonos, no room is off-limits and you can add music to practically any number of rooms: the bedroom, the backyard, even the bathroom.

Sonos puts the control of all your music and all your rooms right where it should be -- in your hands. With the touch of a finger you can find and play a world of music, whether it's streaming direct from the Internet or stored on your computer. Tune in to your favorite radio station or browse through your entire music library. You can play the same song in every room or choose different songs for different rooms. It's up to you. And so is which Controller you use - the dedicated Sonos Controller, Sonos Controller for iPhone, Sonos Controller for Mac or PC, or a combination of all four.