WOT for Firefox

version 20150421 | windows

Name: WOT for Firefox
Version: 20150421
Size: 550.82 KB
Category: Add-ons & Plugins
License: Free
Released: 2015-04-22
Developer: Wot Services
Downloads: 753
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WOT is a free community-powered website reputation service that tells you which websites you can trust based on other users' experiences. It protects you from threats that only humans can spot, such as scams, phishing, and bad online shopping experiences. This tour tells you more about how WOT works and how you can use it for safer surfing.

Add WOT to your browser to protect yourself from online threats that anti-virus software can’t spot. Web safety is not just about viruses and malware. WOT’s ratings are powered by a global community of millions of users who rate websites based on their own experiences. Add WOT to you browser for protection against online threats that only real life experience can detect, such as scams, untrustworthy links, and rogue web stores.

Reputation ratings boost trust online
WOT displays a colored traffic light next to website links to show you which sites people trust for safe searching, surfing and shopping online: green for good, red for bad, and yellow as a warning to be cautious. The icons are shown in popular search engine results, social media, online email, shortened URL’s, and lots of other sites.

WOT is a free add-on for your browser
You can download the WOT add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari browsers. It does not slow down your browsing experience, it is easy to use and free. Just click “Download”, and you are ready to go!

Rating symbols

Reputation icons are shown on popular search engine results, social media platforms, online email, shortened URLs, and many popular sites. They show how much other users trust a site. Ratings are based on information from millions of users and trusted third-party sources.