1-4-all Account Lite

version 2.0.4 | windows

Name: 1-4-all Account Lite
Version: 2.0.4
Size: 3.06 MB
Category: Accounting & Billing Software
License: Free
Released: 2009-08-18
Developer: Maacc Software
Downloads: 520
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See also 1-4-all Account Enterprise our expanded edition.
As an entrepreneur you want to do business not the books. But to make profit it is necessary to have insight in your financials and even better at low costs. 1-4-all Account offers you: insight, an easy and fast way to do your accounting, and lets you do this for free. And if we somewhere in the future decide to ask a little bit of money, it is used to improve and expend our software. So we can also support your growing company in the future.
In detail, 1-4-all Account supports your work practice; it uses your predefined General Ledger and Journal Vouchers. And, more important 1-4-all Account gives insight in your periodical results, accounts payable/receivable and more and more. We improve and expend 1-4-all Account regularly.
Please try, it's free!
At program level the following features are available:
- Indefinite number of administrations.
- Some simultaneous users for each administration (network edition).
- Free choice of currency symbol and number of decimal places.
- Language choice.
- User and password protection and authorisation levels.
- VAT installation settings.
At administration level the following features are available:
- Produce and categorise general ledger accounts.
- Report lay-out design (examples available)
- Flexible number of report periods within a bookyear form 1 to 15.
- Close or freeze report periods.
For (end)users the following features are available
- Register entering and outgoing invoices with automated journal voucher proposals.
- Produce journal vouchers.
- Produce journal vouchers templates..
- Register customers and suppliers.
Available management information reports:
-Trail balance
- Balance sheet
- Profit and loss account
- General ledger accounts
- Journal vouchers
- Unpaid invoices
- Sales overview
- Customer payments behaviour
For more features see:
!-4All Account Enterprise (shareware edition)