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Name: Fav-Links
Version: 3
Size: 1.54 MB
Category: Others
License: Free
Released: 2013-01-31
Developer: Fav-links.org
Downloads: 144
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Fav-Links is a free bookmark manager which helps user to manage bookmarks in a simple and effective way. It works independently from browsers, has small footprint, hot keys combination, keeps history of your last visits, links archive, option to open links with different browsers, analytics reports, sync to web, links search, ability to open content in overlapped windows and more. Fav-Links "Slides" allow to print screen and save certain areas, sync it to online account, exchange with other people.
We implemented in Fav-Links our approach on how we see bookmark manager. We are constantly improving and developing our applications and in future it will get more features. It can be used for any purposes such as organizing music library, shopping links, banking, cars, articles for future reading, photos from social networks, etc.
Thank you for choosing Fav-Links!