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Name: PicBackMan
Size: 26.38 MB
Category: Others
License: Free
Released: 2016-07-29
Developer: Better Inc
Downloads: 285
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PicBackMan is the #1 photo and video backup application that enables you to automate your backups from your computer to your online accounts, between online accounts and from your online accounts to your computer - and its dead easy. It also helps you migrate and dedupe your photos from various accounts.

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PicBackMan can be used to: backup photos to smugmug, backup photos to flickr, backup photos to picasa, backup photos to skydrive, backup photos to google drive, backup photos to icloud, backup photos to photobucket, backup photos to box, backup photos to dropbox, backup videos to smugmug, backup videos to flickr, backup videos to picasa, backup videos to skydrive, backup videos to google drive, backup videos to icloud, backup videos to photobucket, backup videos to box, backup videos to dropbox, backup instagram photos, backup foursquare photos, backup facebook photos and more.