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Name: SimpleLPsolver
Version: V1.1.1a
Size: 222.24 KB
Category: Science Software
License: Free
Released: 2016-09-16
Developer: Tanel
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The Simple LP Solver can solve large size linear programming problems in an efficient way. The size of the problem theoratically depends on the memory allocated to the program by the computer; practically total array size could be max. 128M.
The program provides Simplex and Revised Simplex solvers. If the all constraints are = ” constraints.
The Solver checks coefficent of decision variables and constraints if they are all zero. A constraint with all coefficients are zero is eliminated. Any duplicate constraints are eliminated. The Solver also checks and corrects the negative RHS values. The Solver checks the degeneration.
The problem can be loaded by several functions, including Input Table, Input from File, Load Table from File. In the Input Table function, a maximum of 250 decision variables and 63,900 constraints can be specified. INput Table can be saved to a file as comma separated text file.
The Input from File function loads problems from comma separated text files (CVS) and displayed in plain text format.
Solver steps are displayed and can be saved to a file in plain text format.
The program also has a simple text editor that supports plain text and richedit formats.
The program also supports drag and drop feature. A file can be opened by dropping a document icon on the application icon.