Scooter Racer

version 1.000 | windows

Name: Scooter Racer
Version: 1.000
Size: 2.4 MB
Category: Action
License: Free
Released: 2009-08-19
Developer: Play Games Instantly
Downloads: 95
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Hurtle through a high-speed raceway as you take on a series of races against other racers on scooters. This game is the very first to be released in a series of racing and bike games.
Be careful of the other bikes as they will do everything they can including ram you off the track to get ahead in the races.
Use the arrow keys to maneuver your scooter through the raceway.
As a racer you can see your overall top lap time after each race.
Keep in mind that all of the scooters use the same physics in traveling through the raceway. While it may appear that the other scooters follow a path they can still be knocked off course by an opportunistic racer.