IP-Tools Lite

version 2.60 | windows

Name: IP-Tools Lite
Version: 2.60
Size: 2 MB
Category: Network Monitoring & Info
License: Free
Released: 2016-02-17
Developer: Ks-soft
Downloads: 1260
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This award-winning tool consists of 20 network utilities that offer a large viriety of network administration and monitoring services. Utilities: Local Info, Connection Monitor, NetBIOS Scanner, Shared resources scanner, SNMP Scanner, HostName Scanner, Port Scanner, Ping Scanner, UDP Scanner, Trace, NS LookUp, Finger, WhoIs, Time Synchronizer, Telnet client, HTTP client, IP-Monitor, Host Monitor, SNMP Trap Watcher. All information program can save to log files. HostMonitor can show messages, play sound, send e-mail, execute external programs. All this is available from an attractive tabbed interface you'll find easy to negotiate. Other features include multi-threaded operation, audio support, custom appearance, system tray support, etc.