ClickBerry Editor

version 1.0 | windows

Name: ClickBerry Editor
Version: 1.0
Size: 40.56 MB
Category: Video Editors
License: Free
Released: 2011-09-08
Developer: Actio-media Inc.
Downloads: 89
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Got Video? Make it instantly interactive with ClickBerry Editor!

Ideal for video artists, producers, small agencies and video enthusiasts.

Making your video interactive is as simple as 1-2-3

Simple and Powerful drag-and-drop interface
1. Grab your video
2. Drag-and-drop your interactive features
3. Click once to publish

That's it. Really. No kidding.

What you get:
Drag-and-drop simplicity and ease-of-use
One-click publishing (no waiting)
Broad set of interactive choices, from social media to voting and discussions, to "learn more" and links to other videos, sites or content.
Advertising /monetization options from links to sponsors to ad network and exchange placement, to auction marketplaces, all with a single click.
Premier features including automatic object tracking, user-defined story-line mash-ups, embedding and linking to games, music, e-commerce and other online experiences and sites.
Online help, video help, phone support, Developer Forum
Optional hosting and storage from ClickBerry
Lots of fun and lots of engagement and activity from your viewers and audience. Your videos rock!

What you don't get:
Expensive licensing or high fees
Programming or coding hassles
Lock-in (CDN, Rev-share, format, player or platform requirements)
Stuck with boring templated pop-ups, overlays or other restrictive engagement options
Loss of control of your data (you keep all of your user engagement data)

Make ClickBerry your one-stop solution to interactivity, audience engagement, monetization, user sharing/commenting and coolness!