The Webplayer

version 1.07 | windows

Name: The Webplayer
Version: 1.07
Size: 7.7 MB
Category: Video Players
License: Free
Released: 2016-08-08
Developer: Code Rely
Downloads: 676
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The Webplayer is a Windows application, which provides easy streaming from your favorite web site. There are two main components in The Webplayer: Web Browser window and Media Player window. When selecting a media link in the Web Browser window, the playback starts in the Media Player window.

Currently The Webplayer works with all of the most popular providers, including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, HBO, Showtime and more. At your request new content will be added, including the websites of your choice.

Application Features.

Close the Web Browser window at any time, your playback will not be interrupted.
Save your place when you reopen the Web Browser window, you will be returned to where you left off.
Resize the Media Player window and position it anywhere on your screen, no need to reset your preferences your player window will open in the same place and size every time you open the application.
Always on top - your player stays open in front of other windows - you can work, game or enjoy social media while you watch. Now, you can watch videos without missing a single scene, even if you are using other applications.
Need to keep your shows in the background? This feature can be turned on and off.

YouTube fans will love the special features designed to improve your YouTube experience. Enjoy custom browsing with YouTube API, which allows you to quickly move from section to section in your YouTube account. One click takes you to your Liked Videos, Favorites, Watch Later, Watch History,
Subscriptions and Playlists from the Media Player. An advanced search feature makes locating your favorite programs simple.

For more information or to see whether your favorite streaming web site is supported - contact [email protected]