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Download the app of ChatRoom Anonymous Talking for your android smartphone. This ChatRoom Anonymous Talking app free download is a Social app and has a size of 82 KB. It is a ChatRoom Anonymous Talking apk file and you can install it on your android phone via free download from this page. It supports all latest android devices including android tablets and android phones like lollipop and marshmallow.
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Ver 5.3, for android 2.1 and up ChatRoom is a simple chat app that has a few rooms filled with people to meet ChatRoom is an anonymous chat room that people can go on to talk about anything. It is just one chatroom that contains all the users that are online at that moment. And everything is anonymous. You may talk about anything you please while on here. Talking to people on omegle and other anonymous talk sites can be awkward and weird because you are only talking to one other person at a time. Here you are talking to a bunch of people! Even if there is nobody else on you will have Eliza or Sally to talk to... Our chat bots By downloading, updating, and opening this app, you agree to the following: ?message data transmitted through the app will be logged, including all messages, both public and private. ?private messages will only be viewed if and only if there is a situation that needs to be dealt with. ONLY the developer is able to view private messages. ?you can view the PUBLIC log files on our website at ?We are not responsible and will not take any responsibility for the things that other people say or do to you or other people while in the chatroom. ?You will abide by all the rules and regulations set forth in the app itself. Including both messages from Myself(Matt) or other Moderators/Administrators. ?Users will be penalized for any behavior that is considered inappropriate. ?The "DirtyRoom" is not monitored and will not be monitored. Feel free to say whatever you want in there and do not report anyone for anything they have said in that room because that room's sole purpose is to be unmonitored and uncensored.