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Name: Drupal Commons
Version: 1.1
Size: 14.6 MB
Category: Editors
License: Free
Released: 2010-12-09
Developer: Acquia, Inc.
Downloads: 283
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Drupal Commons is a social business softare web application for intranets or external communities. It provides Group workspaces where group members can create blog pages, document pages, threaded discussions, & wikies, & friend/follow other members, who can maintain a rich profile including a personal photo/avatar, personal contact information, keywords, activity trackers, and other items. Community members can keep up-to-date with relevant information through a personal Dashboard that shows activity inthe groups to which they belong, and the other members they follow. Use it for internal collaboration (such as an Intranet), or for creating a community site for customers, non-profit communities, or as a rich replacement for old-fashioned Forum sites. Drupal Commons is based on the popular Drupal web platform, used by hundreds-of-thousands of sites on the Internet. Commons is a pre-assembled collection of Drupal core + community contributed modules + page layouts + predefined content types + etc., creating a ready-to-use solution. Drupal Commons - like Drupal - is fully open source, and costs nothing to use, and is released under the GPL license. Acquia Inc. Drupal Commons' "maintainer" provides subscription support, hosting, and remote administration services for organizations seeking commercial backing for this open source project.