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version 1.2 | mac

Name: BootChamp
Version: 1.2
Size: 167.2 KB
Category: System Utilities
License: Free
Released: 2010-07-07
Developer: Kevin Wojniak
Downloads: 35
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BootChamp is a small utility for quickly booting into Windows.

How is this different than selecting your Windows volume from within Startup Disk in System Preferences? Well, using Startup Disk actually changes your startup disk permanently so that each time you restart, it boots into whatever you have selected. What this program is doing is the same thing that happens when you hold down Option at startup and select Windows. However, the app only requires a single click and your admin password, and then it restarts your computer into Windows without further input from you. It will not actually change your startup disk.

The application has two modes of function. By default the application will create a menu item in your menu bar when launched. However it can also begin the booting process as soon as it's launched. To enable this, open Terminal and enter defaults write com.kainjow.BootChamp DefaultBehavior 1. To change it back, simply use a 0 instead.