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Version: 0.11
Size: 14.45 MB
Category: Calendars & Planners
License: Free
Released: 2014-07-07
Developer: Astaricks Pty Ltd
Downloads: 205
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ASTARICKS(R) PLUS is a ground breaking Windows app that interacts with the ASTARICKS CARD SYSTEM.
The app works on both Windows 7 & 8 Desktops, Laptops & Tablets & allows users to quickly & easily save, sort, view, share & compare ASTARICKS Digital Business Cards.
ASTARICKS Cards are a revolutionary new type of interactive, updatable & secure digital business card that contains detailed business information, full contact details, HD pictures, logo, product information, web links, social connectors, maps, directions & more.
ASTARICKS PLUS dramatically reduces data entry related to contacts & gives you rich, vibrant, updatable contacts instantly at your fingertips. Users can capture ASTARICKS Cards super-fast with the click of a button.
ASTARICKS PLUS provides a richly formatted experience & an extremely easy way to save, sort, view & share detailed contact information including pictures and more. The app also provides access to ASTARICKS Business Directory & ASTARICKS MD (Maps & Directions) to help users to search, view & locate businesses.
The app is feature rich & includes Tasks, Tags, Reminders, Gallery & more.
The app can be used by businesses to advertise & promote their business, products & services. The app can also be used by businesses & consumers for lead capture, information capture, premium contact management, productivity, searching, mapping & directions. ASTARICKS Plus is a powerful way of getting clean, concise, up-to-date information at your fingertips.