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Name: Dial-A-FRENZY
Version: 1.1
Size: 6.82 KB
Category: Sales & Marketing Software
License: Free
Released: 2007-12-19
Developer: Frenzyware
Downloads: 121
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Sales professionals and calling teams call more and sell more with Dial-A-FRENZY – an enriched web browser designed for salesforce-powered calling. No-PBX-is-required for in-house or remote calls that are autodialed from your PC modem or Skype. Dial-A-FRENZY is a specialized web browser based upon Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and .NET 2.0 Framework technologies. It recognizes the name, company, and phone number information embedded in salesforce any Lead or Contact web page. Calls can be auto-dialed from any PC via modem or Skype using the phone number displayed in the salesforce Lead or Contact page. Dial-A-FRENZY also provides the phone keypad digits to speed through dial-by-name switchboard phone directories. Calls are timed and rated. Results can also be right-click pasted into a salesforce field - like the Log-A-Call Activity record. A sophisticated windowing system allows callers to arrange each Dial-A-FRENZY panel according to personal preference. This avoids blocking any of the salesforce webpage in the browser, reduces caller fatigue, and insures that call information is always visible during the call.
The software is free and can be downloaded from the FRENZYWare website www.FRENZYWare.com.