Cafe Timer

version 10.5.11 | windows

Name: Cafe Timer
Version: 10.5.11
Size: 49.27 MB
Category: Clocks & Time Management
License: Free
Released: 2016-10-10
Developer: Epro Company
Downloads: 192
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FULL TIME MANAGEMENT: Generate and manage VIP(Special)/Regular (General) Tickets Efficiently.
SYSTEM LOCK/SECURITY: Prevent unauthorized shutdown of computers.
PERSONALIZED TIMER: Set your own cyber cafe name on clients' timer applications.
BANDWIDTH MONITORING: Monitors bandwidth transfers on network with graphical display.
PRINT MONITORING: Monitor print jobs on your printers.
POINT OF SALES: Manage sales of menu (beverages, snacks) with full auditing.
HARDWARE RESTRICTION: Prevent users from inserting USB or other removable devices.
PROGRAMS REGULATION: Prevent installation/removing of programs.
APPLICATION SECURITY: Prevent user from shutting down the timer application.
REMOTE DESKTOP: Operate client systems from the server. Capture screen, file transfers.
FULL CHAT SYSTEM: Chat with server administrator and send files from any client's pc.
AUTOMATIC UPDATE: Update Client's timer application from the server.
NIFTY GUI: Easy to use and beautiful user interface with hints on usage.
CLIENT SELF SERVICE: Place orders from client application, top-up ticket.
USER MANAGEMENT: Manage and assign roles to Cybersoft users.