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Name: Rigabyte
Version: 20150720-1619
Size: 94.63 MB
Category: Misc
License: Free
Released: 2015-08-07
Developer: Rigabyte
Downloads: 680
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RigaByte, is highly scalable, super easy to use and you can get started in no time. Scalability - RigaByte has been tested to ingest up to 40,000 entries per second on one 16 CPU core instance. You can setup a RigaByte cluster for more demanding applications. Getting Started - RigaByte is super easy to use, has short video tutorials, you can start using it in a few minutes. (http://www.rigabyte.com/help/gettingStarted). You can find video tutorials at (64 RigaByte) Easier and Faster Troubleshooting - The RigaByte UI is designed to compare multiple log searches on the same screen making identifying problems easier and faster. Users generally report RigaByte is faster to pinpoint issues compared to other similar tools.