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Name: Server!
Size: 205.02 MB
Category: Misc
License: Free
Released: 2016-03-14
Developer: Syncplify
Downloads: 723
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Description Server! is the secure FTP, FTPS, and SFTP server for Windows by Syncplify, Inc.
Powerful, secure, yet very easy to configure, Server! simplifies regulatory compliance and operation of a secure file transfer server.
And it's totally free for personal use, including lifetime updates and upgrades (paid licenses available for other uses).

Main features

- Supports plain FTP, explicit FTPS (TLS), implicit FTPS (TLS), and SFTP file transfer protocols
- Also provides a basic secure shell (SSH-2) and forwarding tunnels support
- Runs as a system service
- Supports large files (> 4 GB)

Advanced features

- PKI authentication with multiple key-pairs per user
- Advanced FTP(S) and SFTP security settings
- Automatic blacklist
- Real-time monitor
- Virtual folders with per-folder security
- IP-based and per-user security (white-lists)
- Powerful event-handling subsystem
- Easy graphical Configuration Manager
- Command-line Interface configuration tool