Jihosoft Free Eraser

version 2.0 | windows

Name: Jihosoft Free Eraser
Version: 2.0
Size: 2.13 MB
Category: Encryption software
License: Free
Released: 2013-12-16
Developer: Jihosoft
Downloads: 849
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Have some sensitive information on your computer and worry about the data leakage one day? Now with Jihosoft Eraser, you can permanently remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns.

Key Features of Jihosoft Eraser
- Delete sensitive files and folders from targeted path
- Shred an entire drive or partition securely
- Completely erase files on the unused space and slack space on a drive
- 5 advanced data erasure patterns keep your data safe

How Jihosoft Eraser will Help you
When you delete files and then empty the Recycle Bin, you don't actually erase the information, you just delete the reference to it so the operating system can't find it. All the data is still there and, unless it's overwritten, can be easily recovered using file recovery software. Jihosoft Eraser just help you securely remove data and make them unrecoverable anymore with 5 data erasure patterns.

Flexible Data Wipe Methods
Altogether there are 3 data wipe methods available for you to choose: File & folder deletion, Drive/partition deletion, and Free space deletion. You can choose the one meets your demands best.

Five Advanced Data Destruction Patterns
Erase your sensitive information with 5 carefully selected data destruction patterns, keep a high security of the deleted files: Low - Random, Normal - US DoD 5220.22-ME, High - German standard, Higher - US DoD 5220.22-M ECE, and Highest - Peter Gutmann standard.

Easy-to-use and 100% Clean
With straight forward product user interface, you can master the utility even if you are a computer beginner. It doesn't contain any malware, and will do no harm to your PC or external storage devices.