File Time Browser

version 1.0 | windows

Name: File Time Browser
Version: 1.0
Size: 50.81 KB
Category: HardDisk Tools
License: Free
Released: 2017-04-10
Developer: Redoc
Downloads: 5021
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File Time Browser is easy to use utility which allows you to "browse" files by their times of creation, last write or last access in choosed directories and displays it on interactive graphical timeline. Look at screenshot for more info. Freeware. Requires no installation. Programs is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. USING: Choose folder (drag and drop can be used). Then click on Reload button. Program searches for all files in specified directory (and optionally all subdirectories) and reads info about its times (creation, last write, last access). Then sorts files according to choosen criteria and shown results in timeline window and listbox. For speed things up listbox can be switched off. By clicking on 'Update' button, program updates timeline and listbox according to dates/times set in start and stop date/time pickers and sorts them by the selected criteria. With 'Reset' button you can reset start and stop date to initial values (as when 'Reload' was pushed). You can memorize start and stop dates with memory set 'ms' button and recall it with memory read 'mr' button. You can choose start and stop interval in the timeline window (green area) using the mouse. After any change, click 'Update'. Note that if large amount of files are scanned on slow harddisks than scanning process can take minutes.