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Name: new-ext
Version: 0.9.2
Size: 324.26 KB
Category: OS Enhancements
License: Free
Released: 2008-01-30
Developer: Sergey Zorin
Downloads: 58
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Have you ever created a directory in a hurry to download photos from your suddenly full memory cards before a vacation? Have you found yourself wondering where did photos go months later? Was it "New Folder (3)" or "New Folder (48)"?
If so, here is a solution for you. New-ext extends Windows Explorer context menu with a number of commands that create a file or a directory based on a template you configure.
The new name is based on the template string and current date. For example, I find it useful to name my photo folders like "27.jun.2006", so my format string is "dd.MMM.yyyy". See format string for more detailed explanation of available options.
You may find new-ext useful even if you do not need to use current date as a part of the new folder name. Just put you favorite default new folder name in single quotes as the format string.