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Name: VBMovieManager
Version: 1.5
Size: 10.41 MB
Category: Video Players
License: Free
Released: 2013-10-07
Developer: Nikyts Software
Downloads: 458
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The VBMovieManager is a movie manager who also works as a film player, allowing videos to be played in the interface itself. The program arranges the movies in categories like adventure, comedy, action, documentary, etc ..., to facilitate the use of the user. The videos that are registered in each of the sections are shown in alphabetical order. A list of the categories of films has several variations, which is shown in the left part of the screen. Just click on it to access the videos registered.
Organization library

Both in existing videos how those you want to add, you can enter notes, comments and the name of the actors who were part of the work, as well as illustrate the item with an image that represents. This is useful for cases in which the films are not sorted properly or exhibit erroneous information.
Player of the program itself

The program consists of a player himself, thereby possibly view the movies from the library on the same screen. To play the videos, just visit the category in which they are inserted and double-clicking on them. Another option is to leave the selected item and use the play button. At the same moment the film begins to be displayed in a player on the same screen.