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Name: HttpMaster Express
Version: 3.8
Size: 1.35 MB
Category: Other
License: Free
Released: 2016-05-03
Developer: Borvid
Downloads: 2223
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HttpMaster is a development and test tool for web applications, with special focus on REST web service testing, API testing, and website form testing. HttpMaster can display and validate the most common RESTful formats; XML, JSON, and HTML and also supports powerful dynamic parameters, request validations, and many other options to customize and monitor http requests. All these core features, along with many other options, give HttpMaster capabilities for thorough web application testing.

HttpMaster project (hmpr file) exposes a large number of options to fine tune generated web requests, for example, to specify http method, values of http headers, global URL and query string values, content types, request encoding, and many more.

HttpMaster also supports definition of dynamic parameters which can be be used to generate high volume of web requests. Dynamic parameters are used to specify dynamic data for web parameters (for example, query string parameters) to generate multiple different requests to the same internet resource.

When executing web requests, HttpMaster allows you to monitor and review complete request and response data of each executed request.

For quick execution of simple web request without creating the corresponding project file, HttpMaster contains functionality to create and execute simple web request with default options and review request and response data.

When working with HttpMaster, you will use intuitive user interface with tabs, descriptive icons, 'quick help' buttons and integrated help file.