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Name: Porticus
Version: 1.8.1
Size: 1.68 MB
Category: System Utilities
License: Free
Released: 2010-01-04
Developer: Richard Laing
Downloads: 92
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Porticus is a Cocoa GUI for the MacPorts package manager. MacPorts provides ready to build open-source software packages modified to compile and run on Mac OS X. The MacPorts project provides a TCL command line tool to manage installation, update and activation of the port packages. Porticus provides a GUI front-end to this tool.
In fact Porticus does a little more than this by providing a GUI with standard Mac OS X application features such as a search box to find a specific port, contextual menus, tree and table views to select and view port information by category or name. In addition it provides integration with Growl for status reporting.