BlackBelt Privacy

version 6.2016.05 | windows

Name: BlackBelt Privacy
Version: 6.2016.05
Size: 23.74 MB
Category: Privacy Software
License: Free
Released: 2016-05-24
Developer: Blackbelt Privacy
Downloads: 679
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A performance enhanced Tor derivative. It helps to keep your browsing habits safe and secure and protects you against monitoring. Its focus is on usability and performance, over the standard Tor package.
The project is open source and free for both personal and commercial use.

- Serverless & accountless PC to PC calling via MicroSip VoIP. Just enter the IP:port address of another user, click call and then talk
- Streamlined Installation Package. Integrates seamlessly into an existing Firefox installation as a new profile
- NoScript is provided for Firefox, along other privacy improvements
- Friendly support provided, from the software itself
- Regularly updated - we ensure you get the best out of Tor