AO Reminder

version 2.1 | windows

Name: AO Reminder
Version: 2.1
Size: 6.92 KB
Category: Calendars & Planners
License: Free
Released: 2008-05-12
Developer: Ao Software Co
Downloads: 438
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exe | 6.92 KB
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This is a free reminder software that you can use and register it for free.It is very easy to use software.It has many professional new features such as :
Sound and Alarm New Options,Date and Time Format,Alarm Type Options ,Analogue Clock,Calendar Fonts ,Back UP and Restore Data Base ,Repair Data Base ,Copy Events ,Alarm mp3,mid,.. Audio Format Files ,Balloon Tray Icon Alarms ,... .
This software is going to become the most popular reminder software in the near future because we decide to develop it and add many other professional features to it for free.
Why AO Reminder is free? Because we are also one of its professional user.yes,we use it and we wish other people use and enjoy it.
For full version of AO Reminder you have to register it for free.We repeat it:Registration of AO Reminder is completely free.
How to register AO Reminder?
For full registration of this software
contact 0098-917-737-8225 ,tell
me what is your "Serial Number" of
AO Reminder and get the
"Activation Code" in some minutes.
Full version is completely free.